Feel 100%

Chinese Pinyin: bǎi fèn bǎi gǎn jiào
Simplified Chinese: 百分百感觉
Traditional Chinese: 百分百感覺
Artist: Lau Wan Kit
Author: Lau Wan Kit
Series begins: 1992
Series ends: 2007
Area: Hong Kong 港漫
Release: Complete
Manhua Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shaonian, Slice of Life
18+: No

Summary (From Bamboo Press):

Meet Jerry and Lok. They are two young guys in their twenties, working in the competitive world of advertising in Hong Kong. Their “sport” of choice is chasing girls, keeping a score for each, constantly searching for that elusive 100%.
Follow their journey filled with blood, sweat, tears, and laughter–even a mini marathon.
The search for perfection has never been more fun!
On 26 August 2008, Feel 100% won the Second International Manga Award.

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