Stone God

Chinese Pinyin: shí shén
Simplified Chinese: 石神
Traditional Chinese: 石神
Other Title(s): Spirit – le dieu rocher, The Stone God
Artist: Li Chi Tak
Author: Li Chi Tak
Series begins: 1993
Series ends: 1993
Area: Hong Kong 港漫
Release: Complete
Manhua Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Martial Arts/Wuxia
18+: No


It is through their annual meeting that Cho and his older brother Lo meet their great uncle Lei, in the mountains where the story takes place. Long ago, Lei and his wife, Song, were deeply in love with one another. They burent an elixir in the hope of being together for eternity but they were separated for a century! Gradually, Lei became a mystical figure, and lost in his prayers, came to forget his love. Song, on the contrary always loved her passionately. In addition, a being half-man, half-beast, known as the Beasty Head, was fascinated by Song. His love for her transformed into human …

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